Everything in Australia will kill you 

It’s true what they say, everything in Australia will kill you. Like me, if you’re stupid enough to get close them in order to get a good photo, you probably will die soon. Most these animals were at the farm which makes you get over any insect or spider fear pretty quickly. Even though the most times I was bit was from hundreds of ants or caterpillars. I have stolen some photos from other people at the farm as they were simply better photos !

Another point to add, when I asked my sister or my Australian friends if they have seen any scary animals they all said no you don’t see them.. I call bullshit!


All the below are Moth’s..

Lauren became queen of Moths

Lauren Quinn’s picture above

Lauren Quinn’s picture above.

Brown snake that charged at us

This little sugar glider lived in the hammocks next to our hostel!

We found this little guy on the floor, gave him a cool backdrop of a leaf and let him be.

My first wild 🐨 nearly became road kill

This is Tabby or Mr Tabulam, this was very early on when Matilda first rescued him as he was regected out the nest.

Him and his mumma, she fed him day and night, taught him how to fly and saved his life! 

He got so big!!

and my baby Socks!!!

And finally, a very dead wombat.