Last two days with my G adventures group! After an 11 hours on the coach and 2 and a half standing in line at the border we finally made it to Thailand! Watching Calvin get his bamboo tattoo was tempting me but when I saw how painful it was I was quickly put off, that and my dad would probably disown me if I got another tattoo and I quite like having him for a Dad.

I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to explore Vietnam, Cambodia and a little bit of Thailand with! I haven’t laughed so much in years! I’m going to miss each and everyone of them as I begin the rest of my trip without them but Parisha is having a spare room in her new house for when I return so I’ll be fine! I hope I was able to teach P and Sue some photography tips- even if P took over a million pictures this trip! I was so scared about traveling on my own but these people made the begging leg of my trip so good I lost all my fear and by Jesus they all taught me how to drink! I fully blame sue, Collette and Ciara for the alcoholic I became on the overnight train- Top Gun will never be the same! Hope they are all reading this and stealing all of my pictures ☺️



Angkor Wat

Waking up at 4am to watch the sunrise was totally worth it!


You can’t visit the location tomb raider was filmed and not do some kind of action shot

    Hidden face in the trees
 Sunrise at Angkor Wat then back to the hotel for breakfast then back to Angkor Wat for the day to visit Angkor wat,Bayone And Angkor ta prohm. Was incredible!

   At lunch time we went to a school called New Hope which helps Cambodian children get sponsored to have an education. Helping them with their English homework would of been ok if I wasn’t dyslexic.

Siem Reap

  Yum right?

Kampong khlang floating village !

 2000 families live here   Calvins beef in pinable lunch! This day we had been tracking for about 7 hours by coach and I was feeling very travel sick so I only got chips for lunch, not sure a westerner taking pictures of chips would be acceptable in any country so I took a picture of Calvins food, more acceptable.

Pnonh Penh 

  The children which survived this prison.  

This is the cell in which one of survivors was kept in, below is the said survivor. He now sells his story at the now museum as he is too old to work and provide for his family so two reporters helped him write this book which tells in detail of his experience in these awful prisons.

  Next I took a trip to the killing fields which was awful. Walking over the path seeing bones and teeth all around   
      So I learned that 54% of population in can do is are women and 50% of the  population are 30 or below due to Pol Pot killing millions of people in the 70’s. Educated people where saught out and killed, if you had light skin, glasses ect they were considered intelligent and killed. 1.7 million people were killed, 1 million more from starvation, disease and missing .36 years since the mass killing the population increase by millions that’s why there are so many young people in Cambodia. The average family has 7-12 children to help them work in the fields but 30% children don’t go to school in Cambodia.

In 1978 Vietnam Invaded to stop the mass killing in Cambodia .

The prison I visited was originally a school but it was converted into a prison ( photo above) 7 men survived as they had jobs within the prison. 5 children survived this prison as they hid in the kitchen.

1979 Vietnam arrived in Phnom Penh, (journalists) they didn’t know about the prison until they saw the barbed wire and could smell something. They could smell the  14 dead bodies in block a  of the prison.

Prisons where called the reeducated training centre. Once they confessed names of other educated people they would then be told they would be moved into nice living quarters but really took to the killing fields. 

If the prisoners refused they were tortured to death. If they told them, they would be taken to the killing fields. 11 thousand people died at killing fields 


Arrived in Cambodia!!

 Milz on wheels, chauffeured bike ride around the city as soon as I arrived. This was such a good way to see everything and get a feel of the place and continue to be lazy as hell!  

    Oh yeah and I kind of like beer now! 
 The reason I may die during my travels, no rabies shot and adorable puppies everywhere.

Mekong Delta River 

    4 hour coach journey to the Mekong Delta River was totally worth it. 4 people to a little boat and this little toothless woman rows you down a very remote river to another boat which took us to this sort of woman’s hop where these woman make all different things out of coconut. The picture below they are making fudge type sweets.  
    While the mums work they leave the kids just chilling in the hammocks, so cute, and I hate kids!
  Then they tried to hand me a bee hive and push your finger into a wall of bees to taste the honey and it was unreal! Then we sat down while they made us honey tea which was beaut.      Clearly thrilled about this situation. 


Hoi Chi Minh

Hoi Chi Minh aka Saigon used to be the capital of south Vietnam during the war but now it’s just an overly crowed city with far too many people for my liking. Street food was interesting to try, after watching them cook live turtles I wasn’t too keen but the next night I was convinced to try my food group, seafood. The prawns were huge ! 
   The Củ Chi tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, have a huge shooting range with lots of different guns you can pay to shoot. All my years on my Xbox all came down to this moment.. And I still missed the target.

  Some of the booby traps designed to kill Americans.
  Last meal with Ciara, Collette and James! Thought I’d try and be adventurous and try all new foods, except the cookie and creams icecream. 

Last few days in Hoi An

 Can’t express how good Vietnamese coffee is! I would even go as far as saying its on the same level as costa, and if you know me well enough, that’s a big deal! Hoi An is famous for the clothes market, you go in and pick a style you want, material and colour and they custom make anything you want! Guys can get tailor made suites for about £30, where as I got two dresses for £25, bargain. As wel as an incredible mulberry bag and purse, even though I’m traveling I’ve turned into something I hate, a designer bag bitch. So we went snorkelling.. Which was interesting.. Shocking equipment and not a lot to see, did see a blue starfish but two divers saw it and picked it up and swam off.. Yeah but the video is more my first attempt at using the GoPro in water. Even if I did Google and YouTube GoPro hero 4+ is definitely waterproof because it’s become one of my life lines, alone with my phone and passport – again so much love for the Cohen’s buying me this camera it’s made me love photography again! 

Abseiling & Noodle making 

    That little hole in the ceiling is what we absailed through, down 57m to the bottom of this cave and landed just behind this shrine.
   Today we went abseiling at Marble Mountain, Dông Vân Thông. The first drop was 15ft into a cave which was terrifying but I did it. The second drop was 25ft and if the video loads below you will see me get to the bottom and just lay there as I was just happy to be on the ground again haha. The third drop was 57ft into a cave which you couldn’t see the bottom but at the bottom there was a temple. Even though I cut my elbow to pieces it was so much fun!
  After abseiling we went to odles nodels to see how they make these noodles. This place is apart of the planettera project where they take in kids that have had a hard time and train them up and teach them skills which they can use later in life and apply it so they have a better life. These prawn and beef noodles are beautiful!!

Hoi An

 Leaving Hué and driving by coach to Hoi Through Hai Van Pass and we stopped in the mountain at this beautiful pool which lead onto the beach, it was incredible! Once we got to Hoi An we went for lunch at Banana Leaf and obviously I took a cliche food pic of my meal, the beef curry. That evening we walked around the town and saw the most wonderful lanterns which locals would float down the steam, if you ever came to my famous house parties lanterns where my favourite part of the evening, so I geeked out at all the lanterns in the market. You can see how heavily influenced the Vietnamese are by Chinese culture. I’ve also realised I should of got a tetanus shot as every puppy I see I have to stop and stroke or attempt to steal it   


Culture Vulture 

Today we took a motorbike tour around the city Hué and visited the Roual Citadel, Tien Mu pagoda Tomb and a monk temple.  
  This building has 7 levels each with a gold buda on each level to represent the 7 times the buda was reincarnated.
    We took a ride into the local village and was taught how they made insense sticks and had ago at making one.
 Our motley crew of drivers!

Big arse cave  

   This huge cave was randomly in the middle of an island in Ha Long Bay. It was enormous! These little ladies on the boats aka water babies- outside spend all day rowing from boat to boat selling a cheeky twix or Pringles to the tourists, or in this case live fish! Before this trip my second mum (BabyT❤️) helped me try many different foods so it wouldn’t be as hard for me when I started traveling as I am the fussiest person on the planet, but today on the boat they only food served was seafood and I tried it all and loved it! Couldn’t look the shrimp in the eye when pulling it apart but I still did it and liked it! Can tick seafood off the list now! 

Ha long Bay


Halong Bay is out of this world! My first day in Vietnam really didn’t disappoint! Kayaking through a cave to a remote place to feed monkeys was amazing, and using my gopro strapped to my chest for the first time was fun. Then I managed to climb, what seemed like a vertical version of the Great Wall of China, to the top of one of the islands called Ti Top to see the surrounding views. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

 We also went to a pearl factory and saw how they make pearls and all the different types of pearls and so on. Above, said pearl

Good morning Vietnam 

  Finally flew in to Hanoi, Vietnam from Hong Kong today and it is madness! No trouble at the airport this time or finding my hotel but 6 million peds on tiny little roads, It’s something similar to what I imagine a sale at primark would be like, it’s bizzare how busy it is. Every time a ped comes towards me my anxiety level rises as I think it could be the end of the road for me but the drivers don’t even seem bothered. I’ve seen a family of 4 on one ped or a baby holding the handle bars while the mother drives the ped while texting and several heavily pregnant women, crazy! But I’m starting to love this country and cannot wait to see more of it!  

Finally arrived in Hong Kong !

 The flight from London to Hong Kong was a story on its own, I had a few letters and cards to read from family and friends which made me very emotional, scared and excited. A few hours into the flight I was 1 film down and I was feeling better, ready to watch another movie so I popped to the toilet and when I came back the older couple next to me had moved and had been replaced with a much younger lady and a baby. I thought I had got lost or got the wrong seat but I could see my bag and head phones so I just sat down and didn’t question it.  The the lady now next to me, who I learnt later was Vietnamese and the couple who were originally sitting there were her parents. She asked me if she could go to the toilet. Her English wasn’t great but she did have a very small baby with her who  was asleep on the seat next to her and gestured me to watch him while she went to the toilet. So I let her out, sat back down and put my film on pause. I then herd a thud and turned around and my little Vietnamese neighbor is on the floor, passed out being catered off by the air hostess, fantastic. I then proceed to call for help and when the air hostess came over to me I asked if the lady was OK and she ensured me she was fine and not to worry as I turned to look at her while they were putting her in the recovery position, to

 which I replied

“Well that *points at baby* is not mine!”

The flight attendant then looked shocked and said “Oh, well let us know if you need anything!”.. ERM YES A BABY SITTER!?! I then saw the older lady who was sitting next to me originally running down the isle to her daughters aid. She stopped and ran back to me pointing to the baby and then to me and then to her eyes..


So I guess now I am a mother. Ok so cut a long story short.. she didn’t wake up for 4 hours so I had to make sure this baby didn’t fall off the seat, it woke up once and kind of looked at me as I tried to pick it up and it was awkward but when we were about to land the real mother woke up and thanked me and I was put off kids for a few more years as I needed sleep. Anywhooo so now was time to find my way out of the airport and find my coach to the hostel..

My very first picture on my new Go Pro! After an very difficult first night, getting lost several times and not arriving to my hostel till midnight and being in a room with 6 half dressed/half asleep Asian men, crying wanting to come home until Jess and Holly calmed me down- my two life lines! I finally managed to see Hong Kong today, and it is amazing! I could stand in the middle of the pavement all day and be in awe of all the buildings and people. Did anyone tell me travelling on my own would be like this? NO!