About Us


A story of two dyslexic people finding love 

We met in Cairns Australia in 2016 and after what seemed like a holiday romance on steroids we decided to carry on travelling together to see what would happen. We went to a blueberry farm in New South Wales together and had the best time of our whole Australian experience and wanted to do more with each other. We did road trips from Byron to Melbourne, we took a camper-van through the Blue mountains, we drove from Melbourne to Adelaide soaking up everything the Great Ocean Road had to offer and we knew we wanted to do more with one another. If we can put up with each other for a whole year, day in day out, through the blood, sweat and tears of travelling then we knew we had found something in each other we didn’t want to let go of.


New year was approaching and I had plans to meet up with my sister and her friends in the Philippines as we hadn’t seen each other in a year. I couldn’t believe how incredible the Philippine’s was, I instantly fell in love with everything this country had to offer having only spent 2 weeks there – a very rushed 2 weeks. After meeting back up with Olly in Thailand I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was and I wish he had seen it.  

We met up with Lauren who I was originally travelling with and explored Thailand as a trio. After a month in Thailand we came home together as a surprise and met each other’s families.

After having such a great time being away and finding one another while we were travelling we knew it was rare to share a passion for travel like ours. So we put our heads down and saved as much money as we could for a year to come away again. We did all the hard work getting a second year visa and with the age limit not having been lifted yet for a working Holiday Visa, what were we waiting for ? So we agreed to go back to Australia but I got my wish of both of us exploring the Philippine’s.

We managed to get a drone, a new camera and a new go pro for our next adventure. We booked flights to the Philippines and then 6 weeks later a flight to Sydney. Our dream is to work on the ski resort in Australia and I know what you’re thinking..snow in Australia?! But yes there is. So much so he’s got me bloody skiing lessons on fake snow so I can learn. After the amount of time I was in hospital the last time I was in Australia, adding skiing into the mix can only mean good things haha!

Follow us on our adventure, through our journey pages or on our guide pages. We do this because we love to travel, we love photography and what we want more than anything, is to inspire people to travel! Theres such a big world out there and people need to go and see it!!

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