Thailand Travelling Guide

Welcome to Thailand the home of tacky galore and beautiful beaches! I did visit this amazing country twice but I have been home along time so forgive me if my memory is a bit rusty. So first thing you need to know is Thailand’s currency is called Bahh, it is highly worth having a currency app to hand which you do not need WiFi for as they will try and rip you off every single time. Personally I know bartering can be the most cringe worthy thing a human can do because I’m the type of person that will happily pay the 5 year old Thai child £5 for a Diet Coke. You will quickly learn to barter for your 20p toasties.

I used this currency app EX currency which was brill. I am also going to take an educated guess and say you don’t speak or understand Thai so please download this maps app called MAPS.ME. When you have WiFi download the country/town you are in and when you’re outside of WiFi you can use it, star locations and route your journeys. I used this everyday getting around and even found some fun things to do on it. Also don’t ever give the cab man/Tut Tut driver your phone to look at directions.

Getting around -This may sound hella racist but you are western person entering a third world country, they will charge you more for being western or white. Me and my boyfriend wasn’t allowed on a public bus to take us to the airport and they made us take Taxi which was three times the price. Another thing to note, do not get in the yellow taxis as they are more expensive than a London black cab and always ask for meter. Uber is super cheap out there and they have an a equivalent for where Uber doesn’t run called krab I think.

Hostel world and trip Adviser a must for booking accommodation. I also used the cheap eats section on trip adviser a lot when it came to saving money.

Dress code – Yep in the humidity best believe you are hiding those knees and shoulders in all temples or holy grounds. Not even ripped jeans will get you in so make sure you pack long sleeve and buy some elephant pants for the exploring days . A scarf around your shoulders will also not be allowed, you will need a t-shirt.

Some good things to be aware of

The old king (he died last year) is basically what Kim k is to the modern world, do not talk badly about him in front of any Thai person.

7/11 will be your best friend for air con and cheese and ham toasties. Trust me..

Most places down south you can get coaches too, the over night ones being cheaper just make sure you have a jumper and some food!

If you click on the title of each place it will take you to my individuals blog post about these places.

Oh yeah don’t be a dick and ride an elephant or go to a tiger kingdom. You might as well be a trump supporter who kills turtles for a living.


Bangkok is a huge city but not the most beautiful city in the world. Spend the smallest amount of time here if you can but if you are here a few days there is lots to explore!



  • Lub d Bangkok Silom – met a lot of people, great hostel but lots of stairs
  • In a box – right next to the train station
  • Coop hostel – right next to a train station so easy access to the airport with a cute hang out area.
  • Hotel royal Bangkok in China town – if you’re feeling fancy with a rooftop pool looking over the whole of Bangkok.


Things to do

  • Khao SAN Road- just go there get a bucket and know you will have a great night.
  • Sky bar – the one in the hangover film but it has a dress code so no flip flops!
  • Temple of reclining Buddha- cover shoulders and knees
  • Temple of dawn (Wat Arun)
  • Blue spice restaurant
  • Bangkok arts and culture centre- check out online what’s on.
  • Jim Thompson’s house- who knew it wasn’t just a pub in stoneleigh, very interesting to learn about.
  • The grand temple- dress code and 500 bahh to enter so worth jumping on a tour for someone to tell you facts while walking around.
  • Hor Phra grand Hararat
  • The temple of the emerald Buddha
  • Floating market – early start as it is outside the city
  • Airplane graveyard

Chaing Mai

The most peaceful city without a beach. Elephant riding is banned and you can only play with them. I got an over night coach from Bangkok to Chaing Mai and back again.



  • Hug hostel
  • A good place- the owner is such a lad, sorted out all of our tips, bus tickets, coaches back to Bangkok, our trip to PAI, he knows so many people he will get a good price for everything and even let us use the hostel to shower at when we weren’t staying there.


Things to do

  • Elephant jungle sanctuary
  • Ploen ruedee night market- cute little hipster market and bars
  • Anusarn market
  • Chiang mai Cabernet show- best lady boy show I’ve seen
  • Wat Rong Khun
  • Night bazaar place
  • THC rooftop grippy ass bar
  • Mu’s Katsu
  • Tikky cafe- trip adviser top rated cheap eat, the yellow curry was to die for.
  • Wat Inthakhin Sadie Mueang temple
  • Wat Phra That Doi Kham the temple of the golden mountain.
  • Chiang Mai Canyon- hire a ped and take swimming stuff and go have fun on the massive blow up obstacle course
  • Lantern festival – Around November time

Chiang Rai

We did a day trip here which leaves at 7am as it is 3 hours away but worth it as there are no tourists other than the Chinese.


Things to do

  • Wat Rong Khun
  • White temple
  • Blue temple
  • More not springs


The home of vegan food and the stereotypical traveler!

PAI is in my opinion the safest place to hire peds. The roads are huge and empty and you need one or get around . It was one of my favourite days in Thailand as we plotted out on all the things we wanted to do and set off. I booked a bus from my hostel in chaing Mai which is horrendous, see my PAI blog post for details.



  • Common grounds Pai


Things to do

  • Bigs little cafe
  • The three little pigs soul kitchen
  • Spirit bar
  • Street food is unreal
  • Coffee in love
  • Sai Ngam Hot springs
  • The lands split- the owner is super nice and will give you food and bevs for free so leave a donation as this poor sod has had his land turned into an attraction due to earthquakes
  • Pam Bok Waterfull
  • PAI canyon – for sunset is unreal. Grab a beer and get there early as it gets busy.



I flew from Bangkok to Krabi.



  • K-Bunk hostel, its a chilled hostel but the sister hostel a few doors down is the party hostel called slumber party.


Things to do

  • So nang beach – all the way to the left of the beach if you are looking out at the sea is monkey trail leads to a better more private beach called PAI Plong Beach.
  • Krabitrek day tours
  • Koh Mor and Tub Sandbanks
  • Chicken head island
  • Koh poda island aka Jame bond island
  • Phra nang cave/ princess cave aka THE PENIS CAVE.

Phi Phi

The party island of the west side. I got on a boat from Krabi to Phi Phi which you can also get from Phuket.



  • Hangover hostel- it’s far enough you won’t hear the bumping music from the beach but close enough to everything you need. Hostels on phi phi are either expensive or 48 bed dorms so it’s the best of a bad bunch. The owner is now on trip adviser thanks to me but he will look after you! He got me drunk, put me on boat trips I didn’t pay for and will make sure you are having a great time, Mr SiNG is a legend.


Things to do

  • Grand PP arcade – beaut restaurant
  • Monkey beach
  • Night swimming with with plankton
  • Boat trip to the lagoon
  • Maya bay – note 400 bahh to step foot on this beach as the film ‘the beach’ was filmed here so try to go later in the day when it isn’t so busy.
  • View Point – bring water, lots of it. I died on this hike ! Leg day is here and it hurts.
  • Banana bar – rooftop films every evening at 7pm if you want a break from drinking.
  • Long beach – literally as it sounds it’s long to walk to but it’s worth it !


I got a boat from Phi Phi to Phuket.



  • DFeel hostel- the private rooms where cheaper than dorms sometimes and it’s about half hour walk into town but it’s a nice walk.
  • Hao hostel – in the old town


Things to do

  • Patong beach is Russia mania
  • Bangla walking street- every 18-30’s holidays/lady boy/Brit abroad dream. It’s an experience but you have to go there to see it and experience a ping pong show, or in my case 4 flung into my hands. I cross the line at frogs btw..
  • Red duck restaurant- Kata beach
  • Horn Frill Steak House – Kata Beach
  • The biggest Buddha in the world..


I got a train to the east side islands which I booked at Bangkok Central Station.

Koh Sok National Park – I got the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani.

Koh Samui

I flew from Bangkok to Koh Samui and thenaboat to Koh Phangan for the full moon party. Note I booked a hotel on Koh Samui to leave my big rucksack and valuables in the safe while I took a smaller over night bag to Koh Phangan. Everyone knows you will be at the full moon party so it’s very common for hostels to get robbed.

Book your hostel on Koh Phangan as soon as you can as it gets sold out very quickly and can be expensive.

Koh Tao

Things to do

  • Hin Wong bay
  • Mango bay
  • Nang yuan Island
  • Shark bay
  • Janson bay
  • Sairee beach with the famous low palm tree


There is lots more to do in Thailand but these are all the places I visited in my short time there. Above Is a list of all the places I visited and the hostel’s I stayed at. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions 🙂


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